Feeding machine/Fresh meat packer
Double band conveyor machine Type E-VAK2

This packer is an economical alternative to thermoforming and tray sealers, which proves that, compared to the manual bagging, we can reach a rationalization of time and staff.

The smaller portions of less than 500 grams up to 5 kilos of meat pieces can be packed continuously.

The interior of the bag remains clean for later make the vacuum and welding.

The piece of meat placed on the primary band is transported on a narrower band for bagging -
then pushed inside the bag   and transported to the vacuum packaging machine
Technical specifications:


Bagging capacity:


Connection: 3-Phases AC, 380–400 V, 50–60Hz Cycle time: 4 Seconds
Bagging weight: to 2500 kilograms per hour depending on the size of meat
Motor power: Drum motor 110 W
Gear motor 90 W